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Pratibha Sirajuddin the owner and entrepreneur of Grace Earth Inc. Created this company. The name “Grace” is inspired from her mother- in- law’s name meaning humble and blessed, and the Earth represents the natural ingredients.

Pratibha started making and experimenting with different ingredients and home-grown apples to make a variety of chutneys over the past 20 years, for family gatherings, and/or for hosting parties and using these chutneys as a snack with crackers.

The great flavour and healthy ingredients admired by friends and family also encouraged and motivated Pratibha, to change this hobby into business especially when she got laid off from her corporate nursing career, she served in the nursing profession over 27 years.

Pratibha started making Eggplant chutney over the past 10 years. She wants the entire world to taste these amazing chutneys.

Pratibha loves and enjoys cooking; she gets a great pleasure and is humbled while entertaining her friends and family and takes a great pride to introduce these chutneys to the world. These chutneys can be a great addition to your daily meals.

Spices added to these chutneys, not only enhance the taste, but also gives satisfaction and provide a balance to the flavour of product. Grace Earth Inc. creates and provides the best and most hygienic product to customers. These chutneys are unique, flavourful and nothing like these exists in the market.

These chutneys are also very nutritional, with no preservatives, cholesterol and gluten free. Good for all consumers. In addition, apple chutney can be used for marinating any kind of meat.

The chutneys can be used in variety of ways, e.g. can be used as a dip, as a meat marinating sauce and as a spread to your bread or with parathas (east Indian fried bread). The chutney can also be used as a sauce on the nachos. Customers can be innovative to use these chutneys in a variety of choices.

Pratibha would like to take this opportunity to thank all consumers for their support. Looking forward to serving you in future with more healthy choices and flavours.

Shipping across Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas.

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