Tomato Chutney

Type: Food Products
They are preservative, cholesterol, and gluten free.
  • Description

Tomato chutneys are sweet, sour and hint of spice. They are preservative, cholesterol, and gluten free.

Grace earth chutneys can be used as a dip, sauce, spread and marinate. Use your own creative ideas with this product when cooking and enjoy the flavor guilt free.

Tomato contains lots of healthy ingredients. It is high in antioxidant lycopene which is responsible for their red color.

It is a great source of Vitamin C which also helps in fighting free radicals that can cause cancer. Vitamin A in Tomato can inhibit the harmful effect of cancer cells such as nitrosamines to prevent lung cancer.

In addition, it helps prevent blood pressure, reduces chances of blood clotting. It also improves skin, it reduces depression, improves vision.